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Dear Diary

A Slow March Forward~

Sometime in March, 2017

Hello, Ms. Diary,

I know, I’m late. No apologies. No excuses. I’ll simply tell you that I’m less distracted and ready to write… almost. Let me pop one of these chewy crystallized pieces of ginger into my mouth, then we can type-chat. One more… Mmm… Ok, spicy tongue! Sugar lips! Sugar-coated fingertips! What a delicious mess. I love a delicious mess!  

One pink linen napkin... a couple of ladylike dabs at the corners of my mouth, one (unhurried) sip of hot honeyed jasmine tea… Maybe I should open the windows… Yes, one minute. Oh, music! I almost forgot (can’t write without that). Hmm… who should we listen to today? Mozart? Yes, perfect. When is he not perfect?! No no, don’t answer that. Oh, wait. Another text… (sigh). One second, I have to respond. Okay, I’m back. Now, I’m focused. Ooo… just a couple more emails... Hold on.

Ok, enough with my dilly-dallying. What a month. What a winter! Hold-ups galore. Even my ass has frostbite! Thank goodness it’s spring. Let’s get on with things!

As spring begins to thaw out what’s left of winter and breathes new life into what’s meant to be, dare I say (at the risk of inviting more) that I am profoundly grateful for the many lessons (hence my month of hold-ups) that March’s fateful hands delivered to me. One is truly never too old or too young to learn life-lessons, and (apparently) I had a lot of homework to catch up on.

Some of these lessons are worth mentioning… others I’m still privately contemplating, but you know, Ms. Diary, I’ve found a great deal of value in retracing the thought process and feelings that have guided my steps thus far. This has brought me greater understanding and a new, more honest perspective in ways to move forward as I make some pretty big changes in my life, my projects, and in business. A helpful part of this process was a lesson in evaluating what I tolerate… When you evaluate what you tolerate, Ms. Diary, you learn unexpected facts about yourself and insight into questions that you didn’t know you needed answers to, but you absolutely get them, darling. Yes, indeed.

I’ve also discovered that gently (not forcibly, and certainly not prematurely) revisiting sources of pain to heal ourselves and others is important to do when we feel called to do so. People are undoubtedly stronger than they give themselves credit for, this I assure you. Sometimes that means seeing an ex face-to-face, sometimes that means visiting a place where something horrific happened, sometimes that means confessing, sometimes that means taking flowers to a grave, sometimes it means getting real with themselves and telling themselves what’s what… the list goes on and on.

Regardless of where this kind of courage takes someone, the past few weeks have proved to me that human beings have an extraordinary, often surprising, inexhaustible inner strength that dependably comes to the forefront as soon as they are ready to heal... and it's beautiful!

So, it's been an ongoing month of challenging, humbling experiences, Ms. Diary, but truth be told, I’ve cherished every slow moment. As mentioned earlier, I do love a delicious mess, and March was sweetly messy!

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