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Dear Diary

Miami Waves~

Sometime in February, 2017

Good morning Ms. Diary,

Take a look, darling! They’re not fried bananas... but close. Care for some Tostones (twice-fried plantains) sprinkled with sea salt? How about a bite of puff pastry filled with guava? Yes, one Pastelito de Guayaba, please (vegetarian options are limited). What to do with my Tostada Cubana? Why, dip it in my sweetened Cafe con Leche, of course! 

We, my dear, have arrived. Time for sunshine and breakfast Miami-style.

Oooo… and what would South Beach be without its SeXy resident Latinos and transient bronzed sex-gods and goddesses scorching erected Art Deco with their fiery seduction and sidewalk-ready stares - I’m quite certain we’ve already been greeted by Homers, Eros and Pothos (although their names were cleverly disguised). Ah, welcome to Miami, Ms. Diary, a place that I once (or twice, hmm... maybe three or four times) called “home.”

You, most of all, understand the secrets and treasures that can be discovered when revisiting the past. You, most of all, my great keeper of thoughts, understand today’s words better than when they were originally written. You are a diary! You transcend wisdom gathered through hindsight’s pages of scribble, tear-stained letters, polite sentences, ponderous grammar, vulgar language, angry doodles, erotic passages, and well-placed punctuation marks. Yes, my loyal companion, you transcend it all.

How? Through your unapologetic freedom. Your very nature turns life’s pages from right to left and left to right, then right to left and back again! Sporadically, passionately, leisurely, and thoughtfully you have the ability to flip through life with ease… and all the while you remain in the brilliant freedom of your own unique now (unconsciously graced by the wisdom that naturally becomes a part of you simply by facing what's written). Oh, my dearest, if only you knew how challenging it can be for human beings to always face what's written! 

South Beach is tickling my memory with warm humid whispers, “Remember when…” Yes, I remember a lot of things. “Welcome back, Amber,” I think I just heard Ocean Drive say. I can't help but smirk, giggle, and even roll my eyes. Did I just blush? Yes, I remember a lot of things... Even you would blush, Ms. Diary, if I told you everything that I remember!

Time, the Great Equalizer, is joining us for a second cup of Cafe con Leche (I think he recognizes you). As he takes his seat beside me at this funky mint lacquered table, he smiles and introduces his Peace to my Past. He's speaking so softly, Ms. Diary, I'm not sure you can hear him. He just informed me that Future will be arriving shortly.  

You know, my dearest, maybe we should savor this moment and stay in Florida for a minute (or two, hmm… or three or four), or at least long enough for me to write another page (or two, hmm… or three or four). 

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