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Dear Diary

The Un-Yellow Brick Road…

Sometime in August, 2016

A fading full moon angst with nostalgia, secrets, and waning visions is casting cold blue slivers of midnight onto my skin, but it is your light, Ms. Diary, that is the background for my words tonight.

The witching hours have arrived... dry and restless. They have returned to taunt our wishes with their itchy brooms, and sweep our soaring hopes away from the promise of shooting stars. So, my own wishes will stay safe within my heart tonight, protected by a quiet love that need not wish upon a star.

Yet, restless minutes pant along the hem of my black negligee, warming my thighs and the nape of my neck with their siren-like breath. "Come, listen to the tales told in the moonshadows. Come mingle with the people who gather there," they urge. At best, their whispering invitations merely fill my room with deserted heat and the distant sound of city streets. I remain unmoved.

Before I continue, let me wet my tongue with a cool sip of sweet wine…

Somewhere (not too far away, Ms. Diary) is a road mimicking the moon’s majesty, a seasonal route found in the black outline of crescents that she leaves behind. It’s a detour created by distorted light and an impatience for the fullness of time. It is the un-yellow brick road of lies.

Tonight, it is your light that faces me, Ms. Diary… it is the steady reflection of my own inner light that I have learned to trust, because unlike the beautiful shape-shifting moon, human beings can travel within themselves to find their own guiding light - ever full and ever bright!

Amber Guidara Un-Yellow Brick Road

Sweet dreams, my dearest diary.


Amber Guidara Copyright © 2016

Photograph: Judy Garland and Billie Burke, The Wizard of Oz, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (1939)

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