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Dear Diary

September’s Horns!

Sometime in September, 2016


Dearest Diary,

September's shy rising sun is tickling my cheeks with romantic pink hues, as if the morning itself is blushing while winter is disrobed by fall’s crisp breezes and golden red passions. A warm pumpkin spice latte (organic, of course) is sweetly kissing my lips… seducing my mood, welcoming my senses, and compelling me to savor autumn’s arrival.

As trees shed their leaves, the return of autumn seems to naturally invite us to let by gones be by gones, so that we can create room for new life within ourselves and with others. It’s a season that gently reminds me: no one is bound by their past actions, circumstances can be released, patterns can be broken, and relationships can be redefined.


Ripe with inexhaustible gifts, fall is offering us its rich horn of plenty, Ms. Diary. Let’s celebrate in gratitude by receiving its plentiful cornucopia with an open heart and a renewed hunger for life. Look at all of these berries!! Blues, reds, dizzying shades of purple... Oh! And apples… such tasty knowledge! Think of all the pies we can bake! Grapes... how delicious! I bet we can even make wine!

Let’s reach into this season's goodness, knowing that its harvest yields nourishment, healing, and growth from the very seeds we once planted… and, in some cases, gave up on… Yet, look! Can you see what our seeds have become? A feast of a feast of a feast! Hold on, I can reach deeper into the horn and grasp some of its hidden fruit to show you… Oh my gosh, Ms. Diary! What’s happening? Your horns! Your horns are showing!! Hide them. Hurry, before someone sees how naughty you can be! What happened to the halo I gave you?! Ah la la… more horns in September?

Hmm… maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all. ;)

Amber Guidara Copyright © 2016

Art (Public Domain): Hendrick De Clerck and Jan Brueghel the Elder, Abundance and the Four Elements, 1606. Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado  

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