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Dear Diary

Solitude Has Many Flavors~

Sometime in January, 2017

Well, hello Ms. Diary,

Happy new year to you! It’s so nice to see you again. Although, I’m not surprised to find you here on Spumoni Island with me... solitude is made sweet by our willingness to explore its hidden flavors. Here we breathe, deeply. We exhale, softly. We expect nothing, yet love endlessly... but to be abandoned on this island of nurturing milk, milk that once flowed, and is now frozen? Then what happens?

Oh, Ms. Diary, come! Run beside me! Let’s leave our footprints on the Island’s soft pink sand. Let’s sink, barefoot, into its wet strawberry gelato-like shore. Let’s cork empty bottles with banana leaves and send them bobbing away, empty... without messages, across unknown seas. Let’s hold vanilla seashells up to our ears and laugh the sound of void away. Let’s enjoy spumoni’s stubborn flavors... chewy scarlet cherries, timidly green pistachios - even though they get stuck in between teeth like muted memories... fleeing the tongue, refusing to be swallowed.

There are so many flavors to be rediscovered on Spumoni Island! What a strange and wonderful experience. It’s quite frightful as well, when one comes to realize that whatever they’ve once tasted (whether bitter or sweet) leaves behind a distinct taste that is, perhaps, too easily remembered.

So tonight, my dearest diary, we will bundle up in blankets of creamy silence to dream about new flavors under the peace of a dark chocolate sky... and tomorrow we will wake up, just you and I, in a sweet melting spoonful of spumoni sunrise.

Amber Guidara Copyright © 2017

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